• Robin Rachae

I Took My 63 Year Old Nana To The Trap Museum

Updated: Oct 11, 2020

Before Corona Da'Virus Jenkins decided to set it off and literally shut everything down, my Nana made a trip to visit me in the ATL. This was her first time ever coming to Georgia and I wanted to make it memorable. With that being said, we had to make a trip to the Trap Museum. Follow along, and share our experience!

In my opinion, Atlanta is the home of trap music. It is the birth place of many trap-rap pioneers such as T.I., Jeezy, Gucci Mane, Future and the Migos, just to name a few. The trap museum takes you back to the hood where it all started for a lot of rappers. As soon as you walk in, you're in the corner store (bodega if you live up north). If you're from the hood or ever lived in the hood...everyone had that one corner store that they visit daily. Don't act like you never found change in the sofa just so you can purchase some penny candy, kool-aid pickles, or bag of chips - I'm not the only one.

My Nana was caught off guard as she entered the first display of the museum. "Ew, why they ain't clean up in here?" she questioned loudly. After explaining this was part of the exhibit, she made herself at home. Break it down and bag it up Nana!

Once she got tired of dealing nickle bags, she moved to the kitchen. #PressPlay

Looking for a way out (literally lol), she took her talents to the studio. This was now the birth of her rap career. #PressPlay to listen to #VonWeezy freestyle 2020.

After not making it in the drug or rap game she went straight to the pole.

Oh baby she put on a show! I've never seen my Nana have this much fun in a while. She thoroughly enjoyed herself and labeled the Trap Museum as her all time favorite. There's so much culture and homage paid at this establishment.

I suggest early arrival if you plan on attending because lines form quick. Doors opened at noon and we arrived at 12:15pm we were through the door. Parking is not free. The Trap Museum also offers souvenirs and a full bar in the inside, in addition to a game of Escape The Trap (just like the Escape Room). This museum is also teenage friendly. I highly recommend adding this to your "to-do list" the next time you visit Atlanta, GA but I do not recommend living the lifestyle that many people featured in this museum have because not all make it out. Look at my do not want to end up here.

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