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Pre-Op: I Got My Body Done in Colombia During A Global Pandemic

Updated: Oct 24, 2020

For years, I've been complaining about my unexpected, never-ending, weight gain. On 10/5/20, I finally laid on the table to dispose of the undesirable fat that slowly unpacked and moved into my stomach, flanks, and back.

A friend of mine once said, "if you're going to have surgery, do it right...go to #Colombia." For a whole year I researched before selecting my surgeon. I'm so happy with my choice of choosing Dr. Fernando Ortega. He is double board certified (both USA and Colombia) and has 0 deaths or infections. He does no more than three operations a day, depending on the size of the patient. He's also very big on safety and security.

After gaining 20lbs during quarantine, I contacted his team to schedule my appointment. They were so accommodating, responsive, and will literally go over and beyond for you. After catching covid-19 and multiple flight cancellations, my time had finally come! I boarded my spirit flight (judge your mammy) early Monday morning (9/28/20) and took my old body to Colombia to get a transformation. Due to covid-19, we were required to quarantine 7 days prior to surgery and Ortega requires all patients to stay 10 days post-op to ensure there's no complications and you're safe to go back to your home country. A negative covid-19 test had to be taking 96 hours prior to your schedule flight and an immigration form had to be filled out online 24 hours prior to departure.

I'm so grateful that I made it to the flat side and had such a safe procedure. I was booked for #lipo360. He also lipo'd under my buttock and filled my hip #bbl. Follow my #plasticsurgery journey as I show you the good, bad, and ugly. Also, make sure you subscribe to my youtube channel!

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